Mission Statement

We believe in chamomile and rose petals before bed. Secret handshakes and spirited conversations over rooibos and ginger. Yellow dock and peppermint to cure the dreaded Sunday morning hangover. We are on a quest to nourish our bodies while reveling in the pleasures of life and we want you to join us!

We created DeiTea to share our passion for healthy, handcrafted teas with the world. Throughout our journey, we’ve been mesmerized by the revitalizing effects our teas have had on our bodies… and our ability to  pose as witches when we meet new acquaintances. Each DeiTea is designed with a purpose – our herbs are selected for their healing properties and then balanced with a flavorful medley of flowers, spices, and dried fruits. We are on a mission to connect our friends, family, and beloved customers with the restorative powers of nature, while encouraging them to take little more time for themselves every day.